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Patients Need Fewer Pain Pills After Surgery, Study Finds -Patients Need Fewer Pain Pills After Surgery, Study Finds
A new study finds that providing surgeons with guidelines on prescribing painkillers for specific types of surgeries resulted in a 53 percent drop in opioid prescribing, The Washington Post reports. Learn more »
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Poll Finds Percentage of Adults Prescribed Opioid Painkillers on the Rise
A new poll finds 57 percent of adults say they have been prescribed an opioid painkiller at some point, compared with 54 percent in 2014 and 50 percent in 2011. Learn more »
Legal Experts Say Sessions Planning to Make Changes on Prosecuting Drug Crimes
Legal experts say a memo Attorney General Jeff Sessions sent to federal prosecutors this week suggests he plans to make changes to Obama Administration policies that sought less serious charges in some drug cases. Learn more »
Addiction Treatment More Successful if it Lasts More Than 30 Days: Study
Addiction treatment is most successful when it lasts more than 30 days, according to researchers at the University of Southern California. They found after one year, the treatment success rate was 55 percent for those who underwent a 30-day treatment program, and 84 percent for those in treatment programs that lasted longer. Learn more »
Increase in Colombia’s Coca Crop May be Leading to Increasing Cocaine Use in U.S.
There are early signs that cocaine use and availability is on the rise in the United States for the first time in almost a decade, according to a new State Department report on the global narcotics trade. The increase may be due to an expansion in Colombia’s coca crop, according to The Washington Post. Learn more »

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